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Ankur Montessori was originated in the year 2012. Ankur Montessori believed that children learn best by doing, not by passively accepting other people's ideas and pre-existing knowledge. Believing that the young child had more potential than educa...

Basic Goals Of Montessori Education

⦿ To awaken the child's spirit and imagination. ⦿ To encourage normal desire for independence and high sense of self-esteem in the child. ⦿ To help develop sense of kindness, courtesy and self-discipline that allow the child to become a responsibl...

Our Facilities

⦿ Inspiring ambience ⦿ Distinctly tailored Montessori concepts ⦿ Thought fully Labs to bring out child’s talent ⦿ Ingeniously designed Sports & other facilities ⦿ Fully and Safely commissioned equipments ⦿ Professionally trained Montessori teacher...

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Ankur Montessori

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