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Animals You Should Not Keep As Pets


Pets have been an inseparable part of our lives. Humans domesticated animals not only to help them with certain tasks like hunting, farming and guarding, but also for keeping company. Existing evidence suggests that the process of domesticating animals began during Stone age. Some of the common pets humans keep are dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

However, some of us want to go beyond and bring home wild animals as pets. We overlook the fact that such animals are better off living in their natural habitat and bringing them home is fraught with challenges and risks. From requiring specialised care to spreading diseases to acting according to their natural instinct are some of the issues that owners of such pets face.

Although a few wild animals are widely sold to pet lovers, our ClipBook lists a few animals that shouldn't be kept as pets.


Wolf-Dog Hybrids

A wolf-dog hybrid is a canine that is born as a result of the mating of wolf and dog. Although a wolf-dog looks like a dog, it is not easy to keep it as a pet. For those, who do not have a good deal of previous experience of dealing with a wolf-do...


With their behaviour and expressive faces, primates can come across as animals that we would want to keep as a pet. However, once primates mature, they become difficult to control. Some of them also behave in an aggressive manner.


Although most of us like to keep a distance from snakes, some of us find them attractive and want to bring them home. Although snakes do not need much care, their owners should know how to care for them, as the needs of a snake are unlike other an...


Iguana is one of the reptiles that can be found as a pet in several households. As, they mature, they need more space to move around. Also, iguanas are strictly herbivores and so require greens to eat. They can make good pets only if you know how ...

Big Cats

Big cats are good to look at and owning them as pets gives the owners a sense of power. However, as they grow up and their strength increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to control them.

Pet Birds

While birds can be found as pets in many homes and are sold widely in the pet shops, it is very important to know how to keep them. Birds are quite intelligent, keeping them in a cage prevents them from interacting with others.

Marine Fish

Although colourful fishes swimming in the aquarium look very attractive, saltwater fishes need special care. If not cared for properly, these fishes are prone to falling sick and dying.


Turtles look cute and harmless, and children are attracted towards them. However, although they look beautiful, they can spread quite a few diseases. As a result, it is not a wise decision to keep a turtle as a pet around children.

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