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Anaemia And Your Child



Anaemia And Your Child: Parent Faqs

Anaemia is a condition in which the amount of red blood cells in the body is decreased below normal for your child's age. It can make your child appear pale in colour and feel cranky, tired, or weak.

The Seven Types Of Anaemia

The most common form of anaemia is iron deficiency anaemia which is usually due to chronic blood loss caused by excessive menstruation. Increased demands for iron, such as foetal growth during pregnancy, and children undergoing rapid growth spurts...

Complication Of Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Iron deficiency anaemia rarely causes serious or long-term complications, although some people with the condition find it affects their daily life.

Iron Rich Foods For Kids With Recipes

Many of us tend to supplement Iron using synthetic tonics and fortified foods to enhance our child’s growth and development. However, supplements aren't always safe. Here are 10 iron rich recipes to make at home.

5 Safe Types Of Iron Supplements For Kids

Kids should get their iron and other vitamins from a balanced, healthy diet. Some children are at a higher risk of iron deficiency and may need to take a supplement.

Iron Deficiency Anaemia In Children: Prevention Tips

Is your child getting enough iron in his or her diet? Find out what causes iron deficiency in children, how to recognise it and how to prevent it.

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