Amazing Train Journeys

Darjeeling Toy Train - New Jalpaiguri To Darjeeling

Darjeeling's tiny steam train was initially built as a tramway to exploit the difference in the price of potatoes between Darjeeling and Siliguri, and the hill railway is now considered a World Heritage Site. Travelling at a speed of 12 kmph, the ...

Duronto Express - Pune To New Delhi

The Duronto Express from Pune to Delhi cuts six hours off the normal 26-hour journey. It covers a fantastic route with the most varied topography and the onboard service is excellent. From 11 am until sunset, the train trundles past rivers, desert...

Goa Express - Goa To Londa

The train speeds up through thick jungle, hugging the curves of the mountainside. Keep your eyes peeled for waterfalls in the distance, which increase as the trees thin and the view turns to deep valleys and peaks. On the approach to Londa the sun...

Golden Chariot - Bangalore To Goa

The train weaves across Karnataka and is a popular choice with Indian families on holiday. En route the tour stops at Kabini wildlife sanctuary before arriving at the incredible world heritage sites of Hampi and Badami, strewn for miles with bould...

Island Express - Kanyakumari To Trivandrum

The Island Express leaves at 10.30 am and takes just over two hours to reach Trivandrum. As it inches through dense greenery, tightly-packed palm trees and long grassy verges, typical of Kerala, the train fills with a cool lemony-green hue.

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Amazing Train Journeys

Viren RajeshViren Rajesh
India has some of the most spectacular and unforgettable rail journeys in the world.