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Amazing Stories Of Aids Survivors


These are stories of HIV affected people and their families, of how an HIV infection does not mean the end of the world.

According to a leading health website, four million teens each year get a sexually transmitted disease (STD), which raises the chances of getting HIV.

A person suffering from HIV suffers from many misconceptions. It all depends on how one copes with the diagnosis and resulting treatment.

Go through the pages of this ClipBook to know some of the amazing stories about some people’s experiences of being diagnosed with and living with HIV.


Reasons You Must Talk About Hiv / Aids With Your Child

Sometimes, parents are hesitant to have open discussions about HIV with their child. However, it is vital this sensitive subject is explained to children to ensure they lead healthy, protected lives.

Pradipkumar Singh An Hiv Survivor Who Won Mr Manipur, Mr India, Mr South Asia

Born in a village three kilometers away from Imphal, the state capital, K Pradipkumar Singh was one among many suffering from HIV. Living with HIV for close to two decades, Pradipkumar now is an active awareness campaigner.

The Incredible Journey Of India’S Oldest Hiv Survivors

Thirty years since the first HIV case was detected in India, a look back at the journey of the disease’s oldest survivors.

I Found Out I Was Pregnant And Hiv+ At The Same Time

After falling pregnant, Sonto Moloi was told she was HIV-positive. She speaks about the challenges and fears she's had to face and how she managed to overcome them.

Success Stories Of Hiv - Aids Patients

The very AIDS Support Group mention of AIDS provokes a picture of a person ridden with feelings of guilt and shame. There are many people who cannot bear with the idea of getting an HIV infection. Read on to know the success stories of people who ...

The Inspiring Story Of A Man Who Was Detected With Aids In 1994

They sit on a mat in a modest building, innocent eyes wandering while a blackboard in the background reads "all is well". Read on to know an inspiring story of a man who was detected with HIV.

Living With Hiv Personal Stories And Experiences

HIV doesn’t have to stop you living a long, happy and fulfilling life. With the right treatment and support, it is possible to live as long as the average person. Read these stories about some people’s experiences of being diagnosed with and livin...

Hiv-Positive Women's Stories

It’s our belief that by giving voice to women affected by or affecting HIV can reframe some of the negative and stigmatising rhetoric around women living with HIV and present them as we see them: strong, diverse and successful. These stories are f...

Aids Survivor Speaks Of His 'Miracle' Life

It's also a story about hope, faith, and perseverance and that HIV infection is not a death sentence for affected children and their families. And a story about forgiveness — but not about forgetting.

A Survivor Shares Her Story Of Living With Hiv For 24 Years

She explains that the support from her husband and family, and availability of information in the absence of HIV drugs at the time, helped her to live a positive, healthy life.

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