Amazing : Square Watermelons Japan

Japan Begins Selling Cube-Shaped Watermelons To Customers Around The World

Orders have been received from Canada for more than 100 cube watermelons this year, the Japan Times reported. Last year, the fruits were shipped to Moscow, where they were so popular they sold for around $860, USA Today reported. In total, almost ...

Square Watermelons Japan. English Version

Subscribe to HD channel RTR-JAPAN: https://www.youtube.com/c/RTRJapan Japanese farmers in Kagawa prefecture on the island of Shikoku grow watermelons that ha...

How (And Why) Square Watermelons Are Made - What About Watermelon?

Let’s get one thing out of the way right up front: It doesn’t matter what shape the watermelon is, it’s what’s inside that matters. That said, you have to admit there’s something cool about watermelons that defy convention by assuming different sh...

How To Grow A Square Watermelon

Reshape your watermelons grown at home. It is fun to change the shape of your watermelon and watch it grow into a square or some other shape of your choosing. And imagine how much more fun it is to turn up to a party with a square watermelon for t...

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Amazing : Square Watermelons Japan

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Square watermelons Japan