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Amazing Recipes You Can Cook For Your Mom


She is the nurturer, the one who looks after everyone and makes sure that all the people in the house are comfortable. She gets the chores done, helps children with their homework and also strives at her workplace. Can there be anyone comparable to mother? 

On Mother's Day, let her put her feet up. The father and children can take charge of the house, so that the woman of the house can relax. Cook up something delicious and she will really appreciate the effort. From comfort food to exotic delicacies, our ClipBook has amazing recipes to impress your mom. Check it out.            


Happy Mother's Day: 10 Recipes To Cook For Your Mom

There is nothing more comforting than 'ghar ka khana'. We can safely say that no gourmet chef can replicate the taste of mom's home cooked food.  This Mother's Day, let food do all the talking! We bring you ten best regional dishes that are a sta...

35 Easy Dinners To Make For Mom On Mother's Day

Celebrate all the special women in your life — Mom, Grandma, sisters, daughters, wives — with one of these quick and easy dinner recipes. Then shower your lady with even more love in the form of thoughtful gifts and delicious desserts.

Impress Your Mom With Recipes By Top Indian Chefs

“Watching my mother cook initiated my love for cooking,” says chef Ranveer Brar. Chef Vikas Khanna, on the other hand, feels that the food that a mother cooks for her family is the “purest of all cuisines”.

Three-Minute Blender Banana Pancakes

Here is a super-quick but delectable recipe you can make for your mother on the morning of Mother's Day. This pancake recipe is best to serve for a perfect breakfast in bed.

Cheesy Chicken Alfredo Skillet

Cheesy Alfredo meets easy chicken skillet dish in this Parmesan-topped crowd-pleaser. What best recipe than a good old pasta one to indulge your mom during a lazy afternoon

Char Dal Ni Khichdi

It is the time to celebrate mom. Well-known chef Sanjeev Kapoor is the best person to tell you how to impress your mother. Here he gives the recipe of Char Dal Ni Khichdi, a wholesome, comfort food that is easy to make and best for the occasion.

Eggless Vanilla Muffins

Delicate little vanilla flavoured muffins made without eggs are everyone's favourite. Easy to make and a perfect teatime treat, this vegetarian delight is sure to win mom over.

Spicy Paneer Wrap

Paneer roll, a tongue-tickling and spicy street food of grated or crumbled paneer wrapped in chapati or paratha, is a treat to taste buds, anytime anywhere. Even children can cook up this treat to please their mother.

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