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Amazing Messages From Famous Sports Dads To Their Kids


"If cricket is religion, Sachin is God."

Now, this oft-repeated statement may not be entirely off the mark, as this cricket star's brilliance on the field is remarkably divine. However, the now-retired batsman is back in the limelight not for his prowess on the field, but for his wonderful parenting advice to his son Arjun Tendulkar.

What is it about parenting advice from amazing personalities? Why do we stop and take heed? Maybe because their ideologies shone through while they ruled the roost. And we observe how they have continued to remain strong to their core values. And now we see them trying to pass on life's great messages to their children.

However, Sachin is not the only one. Many other famous cricketers like ‘The Wall’ Rahul Dravid, the technical master, VVS Laxman and and the swashbuckling Viv Richards have all been in the spotlight with wonderful advice that they dished out to their children.

We are sure you want to know what these great cricketers had to say to their children. Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to know more!


Sachin Tendulkar - "Whatever You Do In Life, Do Not Take A Shortcut."

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has been known for his honesty and hard work on the field. And, it seems that he wants his son to follow in his footsteps as well. Recently, he revealed that he always paid heed to his father’s advice of not taking ...

Prakash Padukone - “Learn To Take Life’S Ups And Downs In Your Stride.”

Ace badminton players of yesteryears, Prakash Padukone, wrote an awe-inspiring letter to his daughter, actress Deepika Padukone that not only spoke of his own values but of the values he wanted her to imbibe from him. From striving to generate pos...

Muhammad Ali - “It Is The Heart That Makes A Person Great Or Small.”

Considered by many to be the greatest boxer the world has ever seen, Muhammad Ali was excellence personified, on and off the ring. He gave his daughters some wonderful advice and one that stood out, and remembered by one of his daughters, was that...

Wasim Akram - “I Hope You Follow Your Dreams.”

One of the greatest bowlers to have played the game, former Pakistan cricketer gave this piece of advice to his son on graduation day. The world is at your feet my son, the foundation has been laid, I hope you follow your dreams and build a future...

David Beckham: “Dare To Be Different And Have Good Work Ethics.”

David Beckham, who won fame on the football ground, wants his children – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper to grow up decent and try their best to be different and follow good work ethics. He says this will help them stay grounded and achieve succe...

Rahul Dravid - “Just Go Out There And Smash The Ball.”

Rahul Dravid is on of the most respected and legendary batsmen to have graced the cricket field. Although, he was known for his defense and gentle approach to the game, he has advised his son to just focus on hand-eye coordination and smash the ball.

Vvs Laxman - "You Should Be Happy Doing Whatever You Choose."

VVS Laxman is a firm believer in the fact that each child is unique, and it is important to encourage every child. He states that for his children, it is their life and they need to be happy doing whatever they have chosen to do without any restri...

Viv Richards - "Never Look Down On Anyone."

Viv Richards was one of the most destructive batsman of his times and famed for dispatching balls to the boundary repeatedly. However, the legendary West Indies batsman states one valuable piece of advice to his children; it is a simple "I’ve alwa...

Imran Mirza - "Fine Line Between Encouraging And Overbearing."

Ace tennis star Sania Mirza has a lot to thank her father Imran Mirza, for her positive outlook and a winning attitude in her chosen field. Imran has been rock steady in his support to Sania, and has always encouraged her to play to the best of he...

10 Values To Learn From Sachin Tendulkar

While his cricketing feat make Sachin Tendulkar a superstar, his humility and down-to-earth nature never cease to impress. And nowhere is this more evident than in a video that shows the great batsman enjoying a game of cricket on a road in Mumbai...

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