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Amazing Fun Facts About Animals For Kids

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From the cute panda to the giant elephant, every animal living in this world is nature's fascinating creation. So, the animal kingdom is full of surprises and amazement, be it the legendary stories associated with the animals, or interesting facts about their qualities and abilities. 

This clipbook takes you and your child through a journey of fun and learning, and helps you get a closer look at the life of our four-legged friends. 


Amazing & Fun Facts About Animals For Kids – Parentcircle

Reading up facts about animals increases our general knowledge about our four-legged friends. Let’s learn some amazing animal facts, and do our best to protect them and preserve their right to live on this planet.

Amazing Tiger Facts And Information For Kids – Parentcircle

The largest cat, the apex predator, the protector of the ecosystem — the tiger is on the verge of extinction. Read some amazing facts about tigers and what you and your child can do to protect them.

Fun And Interesting Elephant Facts For Kids – Parentcircle

Elephants have the largest brain, love to hug, can recognise their reflection in a mirror and mourn the death of their near ones. Read on for more such interesting facts about elephants.

Interesting Fun Facts About Lions For Kids – Parentcircle

Lions are fascinating animals, but how many interesting facts about lions do you know? Read on to know some amazing facts about the lion’s habits, lion’s physical features and the lion family.

Fun Facts About Giraffe For Kids – Parentcircle

How many types of giraffes are there? What are their eating and sleeping habits? How do they fight? Not many of us know such giraffe facts. So, read on for more such interesting facts about giraffes.

Interesting And Fun Facts About Camels For Kids – Parentcircle

Long legs, long neck, long eyelashes, a short tail and big hump — do you and your child want to know more camel facts? Then, read on for some interesting facts about camels.

Interesting Facts About Zebras For Kids – Parentcircle

Do you know that the zebra’s black and white stripes can confuse lions? Here are some interesting facts about the zebra family, types of zebras, their physical features, food habits and behaviour.

Interesting Facts About Bears For Kids – Parentcircle

The sun bear is the smallest of the species, the grizzly bear can stand up to 9 feet tall, and the polar bear can absorb 97% of the fat present in its food. Read on to know more such interesting bear facts.

Interesting Facts About Cheetah For Kids – Parentcircle

The fastest land animal, the only animal that can turn in mid-air, and one of the big cats that can’t roar — read on for more such interesting facts about cheetahs.

Interesting Facts About Deer For Kids – Parentcircle

Do you know that deer are different from antelopes? Here are some interesting facts about the different types of deer, their habitat, characteristics, behaviour, diet and lifespan.

Interesting Facts About Giant Pandas For Kids – Parentcircle

Who doesn’t love the fluffy and adorable panda bears? Here are some fun and interesting facts about pandas for kids − their habitat, features, behaviour, food habits, social structure and lifespan.

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