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Amazing Facts About Birds For Kids

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We all love birds. They look pretty with their colourful feathers and beaks, and some even enthral us with their sweet calls. But there is so much more to know about birds, their habitat, unique features and special abilities. From the ability of a hummingbird to hover in flight, to the vision of an eagle that is eight times more powerful that that of humans, this ClipBook takes a look at some fascinating facts about birds. It will prove to be a fun-filled learning experience for your child.


Amazing Facts About Birds For Kids - Parentcircle

Kids are always fascinated by birds. Here are some amazing facts about birds like the eagle, peacock, parrot and kingfisher that you can share with your children.

Interesting Facts About Penguin For Kids - Parentcircle

Where do penguins live? Do they have teeth? Are penguins mammals or sea animals or birds? Read our article to know more such interesting facts about penguins.

Interesting And Fun Facts About Owls For Kids - Parentcircle

Owls - to help you and your child understand and appreciate these elusive and mysterious birds more, here are some fascinating owl facts and information.

Interesting Facts About Eagles For Kids - Parentcircle

Do you know that eagles have the best vision in the animal kingdom? Read on for more interesting facts about the mighty eagle, its hunting prowess, and why it is an apex predator.

Parrot Facts For Kids – Information About Different Types Of Parrots - Parentcircle

Parrots are the most popular pet birds on the planet. Here are some interesting facts for kids on the different types of parrots, what they eat, their habitat, behaviour and other characteristics.

Interesting Facts About Hummingbirds For Kids - Parentcircle

Hummingbirds are one of the smallest birds. Here are some interesting facts about hummingbirds for your child which will surely fascinate her.

Interesting Facts About Woodpecker Bird For Kids - Parentcircle

The woodpecker’s beak hits like a jackhammer. And, the bird still doesn’t suffer a head injury! Its tongue is about 3 times the length of the beak! Read on for more amazing facts about woodpeckers.

Peacock Facts And Information For Kids - Parentcircle

Here are some interesting peacock facts and information about our national bird’s physical features, habitat, behaviour and communication. Also read on to understand how to conserve the peacock.

Finch Bird Information And Facts For Kids - Parentcircle

Finch bird information and facts for kids tells all that your child needs to know about these cute birds such as physical features of finches, their behaviour and nesting habits, and baby finches.

Interesting Facts About Swallow Bird For Kids - Parentcircle

With more than 83 different types of swallows, there are a lot of things to know about these little birds. Our article tells you a few amazing and unique facts about swallows.

Interesting And Fun Facts About Kingfisher Birds For Kids - Parentcircle

Here are some interesting kingfisher bird facts for kids —different types of kingfishers, their physical features, what they eat, where they live, nesting habits, lifespan and other information.

Fun Facts About Goose For Kids - Parentcircle

Do you know why geese fly in a V-formation? Do geese have teeth on their tongues? Here are a few amazing fun facts about geese that you can share with your kids.

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