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Alphabet Learning Games For Your Preschooler


Teaching the alphabet to their child is one of the first learning activities a parent does with his little one. You can teach your child his letters through songs, crafts and games.

Go through this ClipBook for some fun ideas on how to teach the alphabet to your child through games.


Band-Aid Bear Alphabet Matching

Band-aids and letters and bears! Check out this adorable game that combines letter recognition and pretend play. In this game, kids can pretend to be a doctor and administer band-aids on the bear's boo-boos, while practicing letters at the same t...

Superhero Upper And Lower Case Letter Match | B-Inspired Mama

Make fun superhero cards for each upper case letter and round superhero bursts for each lower case letter.   They could be used for matching and sorting as is, but you can use glue to stick each lower case letter burst to a colorful clothespin.  T...

Abc Active Learning Game

If your children like to move, then they will love this ABC active learning game. All you need to do to prep for this game is to take out some old cups and write letters on the top. Then set them up on the floor and invite your children to stomp!...

Alphabet Games: Runaway Letter

Alphabet games are the frequent go-to literacy activities for toddlers and preschoolers. This letter game is a great activity for children who are learning to identify letters and/or letter sounds.

Abc Cup Hunt

This easy cup hunt game is a simple and entertaining way to teach children how to recognise alphabet letters. Try it out and see your children learn while having fun.

Spelling And Counting Game - Easy Peasy And Fun

If your children already know some numbers and letters (although this can be used to teach the ABC’s too) they will love this spelling and counting game which you can easily make at home.

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