Learning - Arts/Craft | 3-6 yrs

Alphabet Craft Ideas For Preschoolers


Wondering how you can teach the letters of the alphabet to your child in a fun and creative manner? Making alphabet crafts is the way to go.

To help you get started, here are animal alphabet crafts using some letters done by Ms Shyamala Raja. She has used ice cream sticks, papers of different textures, pistachio shells and more. Using this as an inspiration, you can also choose a theme for the alphabet craft, make a banner using your child’s name and hang it in his room or stick it on his room door. This is a fun learning activity to do together. To take this activity to another level, you can also make a name banner for each room in the house based on different themes.

While you make the craft together, say aloud the name of the animal beginning with the letter. Draw the outline of the letter and let your imagination take over.

Here's presenting all the 26 crafts.


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