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Working with children always is challenging – and very satisfying! And what better way than to open their limitless mind to a powerful learning system? Aloha India invites energetic, aggressive individuals, businessmen and women entrepreneur to ...

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Aloha India, is the Indian subsidiary of Aloha International, Malaysia, a Global Leader in advanced Abacus and Mental Arithmetic programs specially designed for children in the 4-14 year age group. ALOHA International is the world’s largest Abacus...

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Our Objectives are… To build the mental ability to calculate quickly and accurately without using any physical external device, such as abacus, calculator etc., To train and sharpen the child’s mental power, especially the right brain. To promote ...

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Do you have a burning desire to be your own boss? Well, if you have this burning desire, then we have the skills, expertise, proven business model, well defined system and real time experience to help you create a successful business venture, star...

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As part of its ongoing efforts to expand the mental capability horizon of children through mental arithmetic, Aloha India is proud to announce the Ph.D degree (Doctor of Philosophy) being conferred on Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan (a trainer and member of...

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ALOHA empowers and sharpens the Whole Brain Usage. The amazing calculating speed of children without any external aids.

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Aloha India ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Company 521, Anna Salai, Nandanam, Chennai- 600035, Tamilnadu, India. Phone: +91-814-494-4944 www.alohaindia.com info@alohaindia.com

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Before we start to explain the concept, we would just like to ask you a few questions in arithmetic. Ah! Ha, heading for some tool to help you solve this? What did you pick up? A pen and paper, a calculator or have you switched on your computer? N...

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To achieve success, your kids need special skills and they need to start early. They have to learn rapidly and happily so that they are winners at every stage of their development. This is where ‘Aloha Tiny Tots’ comes in. An integrated program de...

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Then the answer is Speed Maths As the name suggests, speed is the essence of this program. ALOHA SPEED MATHS not only helps children in their childhood to perform, but this tool comes handy when they have to face this competitive world. It would h...

English Smart | Aloha

In today’s world, everyone recognizes the need for good communicative power in the English Language, which has become the lingua franca of the business and social world. Language for communication and interaction is the ability to use the right wo...

Aloha Third Brain | Aloha

The Aloha Third Brian is a technology of optimizing the function of the Midbrain(Interbrain). Midbrain activation allows both the right and left side of the brain to function as a whole. When the midbrain is activated, the child can use the brain ...

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Founded by Mr.Zhou Guo Liang of China, Kids Art has been specially formulated to nurture creative intelligence and to stimulate the imagination of children. The program is structured to encourage the child to observe, analyse and create through th...

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The Aloha Handwriting Skills program is intended to improve the student’s writing style; thus taking them a step closer towards improving their presentation skills. It has been planned scrupulously keeping in mind the progress of a child’s writing...

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This is your RIGHT HAND… represents Unit

10th Aloha National Level Competition 2013

The 10TH ALOHA NATIONAL LEVEL COMPETITION 2013 & AWARDS CEREMONY ON 28.12.2013 & 29.12.2013 AT Kalaingar Arangam, Anna Salai, Chennai.

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It’s time to register for the International Competition 2016! Come to the ALOHA International Competition and test your skills with the best ALOHA students in the world wherein students from more than 30 countries are invited to participate. We ar...

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Franchise Preliminary Consideration Form

Aloha National Level Mental Math Competition 2010 (Part 2)

ALOHA INDIA Engraved a Grand Success in Chennai National Level Competition 2010 -- An Unprecedented Achievement The long awaited, heavily anticipated Mega Ev...

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Aloha India & OnlySuccess Leadership Academy Join Hands to Empower Children of India

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Unimaginable Mathematical feats: http://www-gap.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/HistTopics/Mental_arithmetic.html Interesting mental sums can be tried here: http://math.usask.ca/emr/menu_arith.html Maths is there around us everyday. See how here. http:/...

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The Model Classroom of Aloha

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Aloha India, is the Indian subsidiary of Aloha International, Malaysia, a Global Leader in advanced Abacus and Mental Arithmetic programs.