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All Your Child Needs To Know About Indian Folk Music


India is a diverse and a culturally-rich country. And the folk music of India reflects this fact. From the north to south and the east to west, the sounds, rhythm and the musical instruments used, differ based on the region.

On World Music Day, share this ClipBook With Your Child to educate him on the various forms of Indian folk music.


A Historical Perspective Of Folk Music Of India

India is a land of cultural diversities. Every region in India has its own form of folk music. This rich tradition of folk music is very much alive in not just rural India, but also in some metros. Though one may say that music has acquired a tota...

Folk Music Of Northern India

The folk music of Northern India represents the vast cultural diversity of India. Since ages, numerous types of folk music have evolved in different regions of the country. The instruments also form a significant part of this age-old legacy which ...

All About The Folk Music Of South India

From the diverse variety of the Indian musical instruments used in their music to the versatility in vocal range exhibited by the singers, South India effortlessly takes a very important position in the enriching the folk music of India.

Forms Of East Indian Folk Music

The east Indian folk music speak volumes about the richness of the culture of the east. Folk music is based primarily on the dialect of the people and is used to communicate ideas through sounds. Here are some of the popular folk music forms from ...

All About Folk Music Of The West Of India

Folk music of India can simply never let a traveler ask “Is that it?”. That’s because we have too many languages, cultures, music and incredible faces of the village and rural life. Every state always has something unique to offer. Here is all you...

Instruments Used In Indian Folk Music

Indian folk music has a raw sweetness that is hard to define. Several mystical sounds heard in folk music across India are because of unique arrangement and assembly of handmade instruments. This article reveals instruments used in Indian folk mus...

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