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All You Need To Know About Virat And Anushka's Upbringing


Virat Kohli is in a zone of his own. The iconic cricketer has become the fastest cricketer ever to score 10,000 runs in ODI cricket. He has achieved this feat in just 205 innings compared to 259 taken by Sachin Tendulkar. Kohli attributes a great deal of his success to his better half, Anushka Sharma. Youth icons in their own right, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma make one of the most adorable couples of the country. One is a top-notch cricketer and the other one of the finest artists that Bollywood has today.

Seeming to be in perfect sync, the couple’s successful careers inspire us to take a dive into their childhood, values and upbringing. As 'Virushka' is debated the world over, we look at some interesting snippets from their early days.

Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to meet the family, friends and role models of 'Virushka'.


Know The Childhood Of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was born in New Delhi November 5, 1988. His family is well educated and down to earth. Virat's father's is name Late Mr. Prem Kohli, who was a very good lawyer and Virat's mother's name is Mrs. Soraj Kohli who is a housewife.

She Was Born To Be A Star!

Anushka was one adorable kid and going through her every picture we are bound to say "oh-so-cute" because she is! These pictures will definitely make Anushka go nostalgic too. After all who doesn’t miss their childhood days?

10 Childhood Images Of Virat Kohli That Every Fan Will Want To See

Not just a great batsman, Virat Kohli has become a style icon thanks to his impeccable taste in fashion and focus on fitness. It’s hard to believe that the icon of fitness was once a cute, chubby-faced baby. Here is a look at some of his best chil...

Virat Kohli Revisits Childhood

Virat Kohli talks about his childhood, summer vacations, homework and the joys of gaming.

Anushka Sharma Was A Topper In School

As reported by TOI, Anushka Sharma was a topper in school. "I always knew I wanted to be in films but didn't want anyone to taunt my parents. So, I excelled in studies."

Virat Kohli's Childhood Coach On His Ward's Success

Raj Kumar Sharma, Virat Kohli's mentor, and childhood coach has heaped praise on India's skipper, saying 'Virat is a born captain. He used to be the captain in the academy as well in childhood'.

Anushka Sharma Used To Think She Was A Ragpicker As A Child

Anushka talked about her childhood hobby when she became a part of TV show "Yaar Mera Superstar" with Diljit Dosanjh. She remembers the days when she used to collect chocolate wrappers from the streets.

Virat Kohli Talks About His Relationship With Anushka Sharma

He spoke candidly about his relationship with actress Anushka Sharma. Virat revealed, "she is honest and caring. I don't hate (anything about her), but one thing that I dislike is that she's always five to seven minutes late"

Unseen Pictures Of Virat Kohli And His Beautiful Family

Most of the cricket fans are well aware of Kohli’s life story but it might be possible that very few are familiar with Virat Kohli’s beautiful family. In this post, here are some of the unseen pictures of Virat’s family.

Anushka Sharma's Classmate Recalls Her Time At School

Anushka was a very bright student and so teachers’ favourite. Since she started modeling from her school days, she was praised by her teachers for striking the right balance between studies and her modeling career, at such a young age.

Met, Fell In Love But Soon Parted Ways To Only Realise That They Can't Live Without Each Other

After all the ups and downs of their relationship, they have come out as a strong couple! Virat fondly calls his ladylove 'Nushki'. Seeing this couple together brings a smile on the faces of their fans. We bring the beautiful love story of this yo...

Success In Life Is Never Guaranteed: Anushka Sharma

Speaking at an event, Anushka shared snippets from her childhood and how her values have shaped her as a person.

7 Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma

However, for the sole purpose of satisfying the curiosity of a million fans, we dug around for seven hidden facts about this adorable couple.

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