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All You Need To Know About Oral Health


We encourage our children to maintain hand hygiene, but do you know that dental hygiene is equally important for your child? Yes, brushing teeth regularly and properly, and going for regular dental check-ups are essential for your child’s overall well-being.

Due to bad eating habits and frequent munching on sugar-laden food like chocolates and candies, many young children suffer from tooth decay and other infections. 

As a parent, the onus of teaching good oral hygiene early on, lies upon you. Read about the various dental infections and hygiene rules and help your child develop proper oral care from a young age.

And does your child shudder at the thought of visiting a dentist? Leave alone young children, many adults find it difficult to visit a dentist for treatment. However, it is important to have timely dental check-ups and thus should address dental anxiety. We share a few techniques to help ease doctor visits for your children.

We, at ParentCircle, curated few interesting topics surrounding dental care and made it into a ClipBook for your convenience. You may flip through the pages to learn more. Go on!


5 Common Dental Problems In Toddlers

Children love to eat sweets, particularly chocolates. This often leads to a host of dental problems. Learn about five common dental problems in pre-schoolers.

Dental Infection In Preschoolers: All You Need To Know

Children should be encouraged to develop good oral hygiene from an early age to prevent infections. Our expert tells you how to identify tooth infection and what to do to prevent it.

Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary For Children?

To treat cavities in children, dentists are increasingly recommending root canal treatment even for temporary teeth. Is it necessary for children? Read on to know all about it.

Don't Neglect Bad Breath In Children

Everyone suffers from bad breath at some point in life. Persistent bad breath in children may be a symptom of a serious underlying problem. Read on to find out more.

How To Teach Oral Hygiene To Children

Good oral health is essential for children from an early age. However, most parents have a tough time teaching their child good oral hygiene practices. Let’s tell you how to go about it the easy way.

Children's Milk Teeth: What Parents Should Know

Do you care enough about your child’s baby teeth? Just because they are going to fall out is no reason to neglect them. Here we tell you why.

7 Ways Ayurveda Can Help Treat Tooth Pain In Children

Do you want a long-term solution for your child’s dental issues? Try these Ayurvedic remedies to treat tooth pain, both for instant and long-term cure.

9 Techniques To Help Children Combat Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety in children has become increasingly common and is recognised as a major public health concern as well. Here’s what you can do to help your child combat dental anxiety.

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