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All You Need To Know About Jaggery

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Jaggery or bella as it is known in Kannada has a huge demand during festival time. During makar sankranti, sweets are made out of jaggery and blocks of it are distributed among friends and relatives along with other homemade delicacies.

Especially good during winter months, jaggery acts like an energy-booster, as It increases your body heat. Being nutrient-rich, jaggery is a good source to get all your vitamins and mineral needs.

Mainly sourced from sugarcane, jaggery can be made from the date palm, the sap of coconut and more. Preparing jaggery is an interesting but elaborate process.

Jaggery has a distinct flavour which it lends to the dishes it is made with. Rich in minerals and vitamins, it has the same calorific value as that of sugar. but much better and healthier substitute of the white refined sugar. 

Jaggery has many health benefits. It is extremely good when it comes boosting immunity. It is also good for your gut health. It enhances the production of digestive enzymes and prevents constipation.

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Know All About Jaggery

Do you know that there are around 7 to 8 types of jaggery made in different parts of India? An unrefined and non-distilled form of sugar, jaggery is prepared from plants like sugarcane and date palm. Know about different varieties of jaggery.

Nutritional Facts About Jaggery

Do you count your calories before you eat anything? Check out the calorie counts of Indian jaggery and its other nutritional facts.

Benefits Of Eating Jaggery In Winters

Do you crave for winter sweets like tilkut? Jaggery is especially good during winters as it is an energy-booster. Read about the benefits of eating jaggery during winters.

Why Jaggery Is Good For Children’S Health

Does your child have a sweet tooth? Instead of synthetic sugar, you can introduce organic jaggery to your child. Find out how jaggery is beneficial for children.

10 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Jaggery For Kids

Also known as Gur in Hindi, jaggery is obtained from raw concentrated sugar cane juice. Rich in nutrients, jaggery is considered the best substitute for white sugar. Read about the health benefits of jaggery for kids.

Jaggery For Babies?

Planning to add jaggery to your baby's food? There are some other factors to be considered before you include it in the food list. Read this article to make some informed decisions.

10 Jaggery Recipes To Try

Planning to make some sweets for the festival? Try jaggery instead of sugar. Here are some recipes you can try with jaggery.

Is Your Jaggery Pure?

WInter is the perfect time to indulge in sweets made of jaggery. But, how to make sure that the jaggery you are buying is pure and there are no impurities in it. Read on to know how you can spot adulterated jaggery.

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