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All You Need To Know About Deepika's Upbringing


She did her schooling and started her modelling career in Bengaluru and then, quickly rose to fame in Bollywood. Yes, we are talking about Deepika Padukone. Let's look at her background, upbringing and meteoric rise to the top.

The reigning Princess of Bollywood, Deepika, is in the news for her marriage to her prince, the Bajirao of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh. This has made us go back to Deepika's childhood, her passion and drive. How did this Bengaluru-born girl become not just a Bollywood but, a Hollywood star?

Active and sporty since childhood, Deepika first embraced badminton and modelling wholeheartedly. Her lithe looks and talent easily helped her transition to the silver screen. She also won over her parents with her determination and dedication to work. They are now the proud parents of a huge star.

“My parents are immensely proud. I saw that pride on their face. Mom and Dad made a video call after their screening (for Padmaavat) finished late at night. I was about to go to bed. They had just seen the movie and then, they saw me. So, their expression was like, 'Is she our daughter?' They were both brimming and glowing with pride and love," Deepika said to TimesNow news, after her parents were awed by her queenly performance in Padmaavat.

Truth is, Deepika Padukone has always had the passion and drive to excel. That has catapulted her into becoming one of the reigning stars of the film industry today. This global star is also hugely compassionate, as seen from her complete commitment to social causes. 

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Growing Up As A Star

Deepika has always been effervescent. Here are some images from her childhood days that show how she grew into even greater beauty in adulthood. Trust us, being in the film industry has only enhanced her true talent.

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When Deepike Gave A Queenly Performance

' I saw their expression and they were both brimming and glowing with pride' says Deepika, after her parents saw Padmaavat. Her parents were in awe of her majestic performance in the movie. And she loved them all the more for that.

From Dad, With Much Love

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Always Proud, Always Supportive

"We as parents' are extremely happy and delighted the way her career has progressed. She has reached this level only through her hard work and determination," Prakash Padukone told Deccan chronicle in an interview. It is more than evident that her...

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