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All You Need To Know About Blood Donation


Blood donation can save lives. With more and more donation camps sprouting up, more people are eager to be a part of the drive and donate their blood. It is such a noble idea to donate your blood to save someone else's life. 

If you have volunteered to donate blood for any reason, or simply because you have the heart to help someone in need, here is some vital information you should know. 

Not just anyone can donate blood. There are a number of factors that you need to check before you donate. Further, you should be cautious about the side effects of infections, tiredness and a few other symptoms that you might face after the procedure. 

Here is a compilation of clips that will help you gain more knowledge about blood donation. 


Why Should I Donate Blood?

Hear what the World Health Organization has to say about why you should donate blood. Well, safe blood saves life and improves the health of those in need of a blood transfusion. Learn more.

Who Can Give Blood?

If your loved ones are in need of blood, even you are not allowed to give them blood if you do not check the boxes of the eligibility criteria. The criteria include factors such as age, body piercing, diet, flu, tattoos and weight.

Guidelines For Blood Donors

The Indian blood bank society has a clear set of criteria for blood donors. They also provide some good tips like deep and slow breathing, relaxed postures and distraction to help you during the process.

What To Eat And What Not To Before Blood Donation

Blood donors should follow a strict diet of certain foods before they start the medical procedure for blood donation. Eat the right foods before and after your procedure to avoid some serious side effects like fatigue and anaemia.

How Long Does A Blood Donation Take?

Blood donations take no more than two hours, depending on the type of blood donation. While a jumbo plasma takes just 20 minutes, a double platelet takes two hours. It varies with the kind of donation.

Benefits Of Donating Blood

Blood donations not only help others but also helps the donors. The benefits include burning of calories, removing iron to reduce the risk of heart attack and reduced cholesterol levels. Interesting, isn't it?

Types Of Blood

Find out what your blood type is and how many have the same blood group as you. Learn about how many units of blood are used, on an average, for different medical conditions. It's good to be aware!

Common Myths About Blood Donation

Do you sometimes hear people say something like - someone is fat due to excess blood in their body? This is a myth! As being fat does not mean they have more blood but it means they are less healthy. Read on to know other myths.

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