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All About Writing Disorders


Is your child struggling to write or trying to avoid writing at all times? Do you feel that she is just 'being lazy,' or 'uncooperative'? Chances are that she may have a writing disorder.

Written expression disorders are not as uncommon as they are perceived to be, though they are more difficult to diagnose. Read this ClipBook to know all about writing disorders and how you can identify if your child is suffering from one.  


'Writing Disorders Are Just As Common As Reading Disabilities'

Many parents know about reading disabilities such as dyslexia. But there has been little research into writing disabilities. Writing disorders are just as common as reading disabilities and are most likely to affect boys. One such disorder is Dysg...

How Do You Define A Writing Disorder?

Disorder of written expression, formerly called developmental expressive writing disorder, is a learning disability in which a person's ability to communicate in writing is substantially below the level normally expected, based on the individual's...

Written Expression Learning Disorder: How To Spot Them?

Evidence suggests that disorder of written expression is accompanied by language and perceptual-motor deficits and often occurs in combination with reading disorder, mathematics disorder, or both. Some research points to preschool-aged and early s...

Signs And Symptoms Of Written Language Disorders

Following are some of the symptoms of children who suffer from writing disorders: Has difficulty naming printed letters from A to Z and numbers from 1 to 10 Is unable to point to specific letters on a page; does not know that letters make sounds...

Understanding Your Child’S Trouble With Writing

If your child struggles to form letters, put ideas into words or spell correctly, she’s not alone. It’s not uncommon for children to have some kind of trouble with written expression. Writing is a complex task!. However, many kids who struggle wit...

How To Identify And Help A Child With A Writing Disorder

Like all learning problems, difficulties in writing can be devastating to a child's education and self-esteem. As children progress through school, they are increasingly expected to express what they know about many different subjects through writ...

How Schools Can Help Children With Writing Disabilities

Most general education teachers will encounter students with IEPs. The majority of learning disabled students identified have processing problems that affect their reading or comprehension ability. Students with poor reading ability often have po...

Apps For Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia That Parents Will Love

Having a writing disorder can inhibit a child from expressing himself freely and also affect his confidence levels. Here are some apps to help children who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and/or Dyscalculia.

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