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All About Teething In Babies


The emergence of your baby’s first tooth marks a huge milestone in his growth. 

So, how do parents go about spotting the signs to know whether their little one has started teething or not?

The tricky thing about teething in babies is that symptoms can start two to three months even before a tooth surfaces. 

For an in-depth look at the process of teething in babies got through this ClipBook. 


What Is Teething?

Teething is the process by which an infant's first teeth (the deciduous teeth, often called "baby teeth" or "milk teeth") sequentially appear by emerging through the gums, typically arriving in pairs.

When Do Babies Start Teething?

Teething usually begins around 6 months of age. But it is normal for teething to start at any time between 3 months and 12 months of age. By the time your child is about 3 years old, he or she will have all 20 primary teeth.

Teething: Basics, Symptoms And Signs

Teething symptoms can precede the actual appearance of a tooth by as much as two or three months. Most babies get their first tooth around 6 months old, though there's a wide range in when those first tiny pearly whites make their appearance.

Safe Baby Teething Remedies

If you’re looking for safe ways to soothe your baby’s sore mouth, read on for natural ways to get the smile back.

The Truth About Teething

An Australian study found discrepancies among health care providers in their beliefs, suggesting that symptoms of other conditions may get misdiagnosed as teething.

Natural Home Remedies For Teething Babies

Here are 10 home remedies for teething blues, that are completely natural and guaranteed to soothe your little one and relax you as well!

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