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All About Skincare In Children


Skincare in children is very important. For, depending on their age, activities and seasonal changes, they may experience some skin problems.

To begin with, understand that children have thinner and more sensitive skin. This makes it more susceptible to irritation. However, there are several things you can do to protect their skin.

Too much exposure to the sun can harm and even burn your child’s skin. And sunscreen plays a vital role when she plays outside. Other preventive measures include covering her with protective clothing and ensuring she remains indoors when the sun’s rays are at their peak.

Winter and monsoon seasons too, bring with them skin issues. You can use organic and herbal skin products that are free of harmful chemicals and have been approved by your doctor.

This ClipBook offers all these and other important tips for skincare in children.


Age-Appropriate Skincare For Children

Parents are often confused when it comes to skincare for children. What can you do for children's skin care? Should children of a certain age be allowed to use skin products? This article looks at guidelines that you can follow.

Skincare Tips For Children

It is important to care for your child's skin from an early age. A solid routine will help prevent certain skin issues in the future. Since children are constantly exposed to high levels of dirt and germs, it is crucial that they learn how to prop...

How To Keep Skin Infections Away

During the monsoons and winter, apart from attacks of cold and flu there is also a sharp rise in the number of skin infections. Taking some necessary steps can help avoid them. Read on to know more.

Staph Skin Infections

As your child grows and spends more time outside, chances of getting staph infection are more. Read all about the infection and ways to prevent it.

Foods That Can Cause Skin Allergy

Does your child’s skin turn blue or pale after eating certain foods? Does he complain of a tingling feeling in his mouth? It could be a skin allergy caused by his diet. This article looks at foods that can cause skin allergy in children.

Common Skin Rashes And Sensitivities

A child's skin is very sensitive. Often, the skin can become dry and irritated, which can be troublesome for children. However, most skin rashes in children are preventable. Read on to know about the 5 most common skin rashes in children.

Natural Remedies For Skin Burns

Skin burns in children can lead to serious health issues. Burns can be very painful. Before you start treating a burn, it is essential to know the severity of the burn.

Skin Problems During Summer

Summer season is accompanied by its own set of skin problems. So, how do you ensure your child stays protected, hydrated and infection-free? This article looks at remedies for common skin problems during this season.

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