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All About Bullying

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If you think that only adults suffer from stress, then you may be wrong. Even children have issues related to stress. One of the common causes of stress among children is bullying. 

Generally, children are bullied either at school or in the neighbourhood, and sometimes even at home by older siblings. But bullying has evolved with time and now has several forms, from name-calling to physical intimidation. Carolyn Bunting has written an article in The Mirror, which tells us how bullying just doesn't stop at the school gates nowadays. According to her, "Bullying has changed. It no longer stops at the school gates. It can continue online at home - the very places children should feel the most safe and secure, are, thanks to our connected society no longer a sanctuary."  

Faced with bullying, a happy childhood can turn into a nightmare. Often childhood victims of bullying suffer from deep emotional scars, which do not heal even after they have grown up. 

Therefore, it is important for parents to be aware of what their child may be going through or facing when they are not around her. The best way to help a child face bullying is to equip her to take control of her life. Parents should talk to their child about bullying, its different forms, and the ways of dealing with it. This can play a great role in boosting a child's self-confidence and her ability to tackle bullying. 

But before parents can help their child deal with bullying, they need to understand how to deal with issue. Going through this ClipBook will give you an in-depth idea of how to equip your child to tackle the menace.  

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