All About Abortion

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Choice, pain, and everything in between.

Pregnant At 10 And Abortion's Not An Option

Earlier this year, a 10-year-old girl in Paraguay made headlines when she arrived at a hospital 20 weeks pregnant. But this was not a one-off case. Last year, more than 700 girls aged 14 and younger gave birth in this South American nation of seve...

Being An Abortion Doctor Has Taught Me A Lot About Life

I slip out through the back door of the clinic, cut through the car park and cross to the far side of the road. I pick intently at the angry blisters emerging on the thumb and index finger of my operating hand, then shift my concentration to rumma...

My Year As An Abortion Doula

Welcome to Ovaries Week — the Cut's exploration of the female reproductive system, in its many confusing, intense, sometimes challenging, sometimes funny, often surprising facets. My first patient ever stares at me blankly when I say the doctor wi...

There’S A Reason Gay Marriage Is Winning, While Abortion Rights Are Losing

Why are reproductive rights losing while gay rights are winning? Indiana’s attempt to enshrine opposition to gay marriage under the guise of religious freedom provoked an immediate nationwide backlash. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has allowed reli...

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All About Abortion

Vennila KarkyVennila Karky
The debate about abortion has long since moved to the sphere of politics than health. Here are some arguments you might want to know.