Alacris Preschool - Adyar

Alacris Preschool

The first of the Alacris Schools, at Adyar was declared open by the Chairman Mr. S.G. Prabhakaran with Directors Ms. Usha Prabhakaran. Ms. Sheelarani Chunkath IAS and Letika Saran IPS customarily cutting the ribbon. Present alongside were Mr. Nara...

Our Infrastructure & Facilities

Alacris preschool will give your kids a head start in education and learning. It provides nursery, kindergarten, primary school etc. For more details visit Alacris preschool.

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Learning - Early Ed. | 1-12 yrs

Alacris Preschool - Adyar

Alacris Pre-school - Adyar, Alacris Pre-School - AdyarAlacris Pre-school - Adyar