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Aerokids is unique in its approach offering a modern education with traditional values and social structure. Everything at Aerokids is designed to provide the best possible care for your child, in a safe and loving environment. We have prepared ...

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Aerokids is headquartered in Karur with more than 40 pre-schools spreading across India. The early childhood education landscape in India and the region have undergone significant transformation over the past decade. Today's early childhood educat...

What Makes Aerokids Play School So Special?

⦿ A high quality, standardized day wise preschool curriculum, which is flexible enough to be successfully administered to all states of India. ⦿ Managed by qualified and renowned educationists. ⦿ Multimedia and internet based teaching. ⦿ Colorful,...

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Learning - Early Ed. | 0-18 yrs

Aero Kids Pre School - Valasaravakkam

Aerokids Preschool, Aerokids PreschoolAerokids Preschool
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