Adventure In Kids Life

Flying Hanuman

This is very intense 2+ hours session consisting of 28 activities in thick rainforest near Phuket, Thailand. The flying, walking in the jungle, climbing up/down the trees and many more adventurous fun. Everyone around us admired him and his guts.

Sea Kayaking

This great fun activity for kids near James Bond Island, near Phuket for kids...This is about 30 min (can be done longer under customised package) in and around caves. Another adventurous fun for kids.

Romancing Life : Adventure In Kids Life

These are adventures activities my son partialities during our travel to Beijing China, Phuket, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia....He regularly enjoys trekking in and around Hong Kong.

The End

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Adventure In Kids Life

Sandhya JaneSandhya Jane
This scrap book will inform all adventurous activities available for kids below 12.