Adolescents With Divorced Parents

The Impacts Of Divorce On Teenagers

Every teenager and every family is unique. So too the reasons and dynamics of every divorce is different. Therefore it is very hard to predict or prescribe how particular teens will respond to their parents divorcing. However there are significa...

Questions Adolescents Ask About Divorce

If parents are divorced, the child probably has a lot of questions about what will happen. These are some common questions that kids with divorced parents wish they'd known the answers to after their parents divorced.

Helping Teenagers Cope With Divorce

Over one million children annually experience divorce. For teenagers this comes at a time when they are already likely to be overwhelmed with the transitions of adolescence. How can you help them cope during this difficult time?

How Divorce Affects Teens Psychologically & Emotionally

Adolescence is an important stage during which your children need to apply themselves to their studies and cope with a growing variety of social circumstances as they acquire the skills to take on an adult role within society. One significant even...

Separation & Divorce: Parents Helping Teens Adjust

The changes and feelings that come with separation or divorce can complicate normal teenage ups and downs. If you and your partner are separating, you can help your teenage child by being open about what’s happening and letting your child know tha...

Living Arrangements After Separation And Divorce

Living arrangements for an adolescent after separation and divorce can incorporate a range of possibilities. When creating parenting time schedules, it is important for parents to be flexible and consider the teen’s quest for independence, and the...

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Adolescents With Divorced Parents

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