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Activities To Develop Social And Emotional Skills In Toddlers


Do you know that social and emotional growth is as important as physical growth for your toddler?

Most of these skills develop through simple but significant activities like making friends, through play, ordinary day-to-day activities, through sharing with others, through learning about one’s culture, etc.

Developing these skills in your toddler will lay the groundwork for the future and the way he is able to handle different situations.


Socio-Emotional Development In Childhood

Emotional development is the way emotions change or remain constant across the human lifespan. Social development is the way in which humans learn to interact with one another. Together, the development of both factors reflects the changes in a ch...

6 Ways To Support Pre-Schooler’S Socio-Emotional Learning At Home And In School

Traditionally, socio-emotional learning (SEL) has been considered part of the parents’ realm. But as children spend more time at preschool or with care providers, teachers are being held accountable for a child’s SEL needs too. Here are six ways b...

Seven Tips To Teach Your Child To Make A Friend

‘It takes a friend to make a friend’ goes a saying. True...for friends are an important part of life. So, it is important that your toddler starts forming friendships right from a very young age. But developing and sustaining friendships requires ...

Benefits Of Play

Apart from keeping children fit, play helps in the mental development of children. Play shouldn’t always be an extracurricular, optional activity, but rather an essential tool in a child’s development. Can play change the way people think?

Toddler Activities That Enhance Social Development

Toddlers learn to form relationships with others and behave in appropriate ways as they develop socially. One way toddlers learn is through play. This article looks at games and activities that enhance social development in toddlers.

Basic Manners You Must Teach Your Kids

People with good manners make a good impression on others; they also feel good about themselves. Therefore, it is your duty to inculcate good manners in your child from an early age. How can you encourage your child to practice good manners?

How To Deal With Attention-Seeking Behaviour In Toddlers

Do you lavish attention on your little one and meet his every demand because you love him? If you’re paying excessive attention to your child and are constantly at his beck and call, you are actually doing him a disservice. Find out how in the art...

Teaching Your Toddler About Culture And Tradition

Teaching your toddler about culture and tradition also helps to develop their social and emotional skills. Much of our culture can often get very complex, particularly around festivals. Are there simple ways to teach toddlers about our culture?

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