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Activities To Bond With Your Child On Diwali


Diwali is one of the most beautiful festival of the year. Full of lights, love and laughter, it brings family and friends together. 

Children love Diwali as much as anybody, mostly because they get a few days off of school. And, if they have nothing to do during the holidays, it can spell trouble for parents. So, parents have to think hard to come up with something for their little ones to do and keep themselves busy.

With a little bit of imagination, parents can come up with several activities that can not only keep children occupied, but also develop their creative side. Also, by doing these activities together with children, parents can bond with them as well and spend quality time.

Swipe through the clips below to discover some creative Diwali activities for your child to engage in and spend the holidays in a fruitful and fun way.


Rangoli Making

Get your child to help with household decoration and teach her something about tradition by encouraging her to make flower rangolis at the entrance of the house. Your child will love putting together colourful flowers in a beautiful pattern, which...

Diwali Footprint Art

Diwali footprint art is simple and ideal design for young children to make. A key part of Diwali is welcoming the Goddess Lakshmi into the home. Tiny footprints of Lakshmi are found around the house to signify her arrival. Paint your child's feet ...

Making Diya Holders

Placing diyas outside the house is all well and good. But what happens when the wind blows and the flames sputter? Encourage your child to make some wind-proof diya holders by recycling old glass jars. Not only will this activity be fun for your c...

Sweet Making

Test your child's culinary skills by involving her in some simple sweet making. Check out this simple yet delicious doodh pedha recipe. Most parents are reluctant to allow their kids use fire fire but fear not, for it requires no cooking...

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