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Day To Day Activity

At Kinderz Life, we not only educate the child imparting the knowledge of different concepts but also emphasize on inculcating life skills like confidence, leadership, taking initiative, courage etc. The teachers nurture talents of our tiny tots ...

Socio – Emotional Development

The most important ingredient in the recipe of success is the ability to get along with people and the society. Mother’s Pride provides the right kind of peer group which forms the learning ground for the child about right behaviour, friendship, s...

Activity Time

Indulging kids in various activities is a play way method schools adopts for learning new things in daily life.

Kids Pool Area

To cherish a child's love for water, school has a kids pool area and occasionally they enjoying playing in water. For more details contact us Address : Kinderz Life Pre School, survey no 120/9, plot no 3, Near Pashan flats, Sus pashan rd, Pashan ...

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Activities - Kinderz Life

Kinderz Life Preschool, Kinderz Life PreschoolKinderz Life Preschool
Lots of options to play and entertainment, personal attention, trained and caring staff, loving and caring environment.