Activities - Iris Florets Balwadi Pune

Play time in school. Teachers and students having fun time together.

Giving out a good message to children. Strengthening their bond with their mothers.

Play time in school.

Panda of Iris Florets!!

We celebrate every festival in school. A photograph of celebration of dahi handi in school.

All children dressed up as Krishna during the dahi handi.

Following the footsteps of Gandhiji.

Contact Information -<br>9146046168<br>pune@irisflorets.com

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Activities - Iris Florets Balwadi Pune

Iris Florets - The happy Play School, Iris Florets - The Happy Play SchoolIris Florets - The happy Play School
An earnest effort has been made to create a world of happiness not just for the children, but also their parents.