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Abhinandan Varthaman: Facts Every Indian Should Know


Abhinandan Varthaman, the IAF pilot, is in the hearts and minds of every Indian today. And, with good reason too!

What has impressed many is the exemplary courage and dignity exhibited by this brave pilot under captivity. Coming from a family that has served the nation (his father, Retd Air Marshal S Varthaman, is a highly-decorated officer), Wing Commander Abhinandan has become a symbol of a new and fearless India.

The way he conducted himself throughout the entire ordeal, right from the moment his jet was shot down to when he was taken captive, has impressed one and all. In fact, Abhinandan displayed values and behaviour that can serve as an example to children everywhere. Staying true to values helps one face the challenges of life easily — another lesson to be learnt from this epochal moment. 

Take his dignified demeanour in captivity. It can teach children that being calm and dignified in the face of terrible adversity can work in one’s favour. What's more, children can also learn that strength of character is the bedrock upon which other lifelong traits or habits are built. 

Go through this ClipBook to know more about Abhinandan Varthaman, the man who has overwhelmed a nation with his fortitude, courage and grace in enemy captivity.


Who Is Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman?

Even as tensions run high between India and Pakistan, Abhinandan Varthaman is the man of the moment. IAF pilot and Wing Commander Abhinandan, who was captured by Pakistan, is set to cross over to India today. Know more about this brave pilot.

Even After Capture, He Showed Courage, Dignity And Pride

A video released by the Pakistan army shows a calm and dignified IAF pilot and Wing Commander Abhinandan. Even after capture, he oozed courage and pride, much to the joy of Indians worldwide.

This Braveheart Hails From Family Of Military Veterans

Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander V Abhinandan is a third-generation officer from a family whose members have also served in the Indian armed forces. His father retired from the IAF as Air Marshal in 2012 as a highly decorated officer. Abhinan...

Like Mother, Like Son

Abhinandan has won hearts everywhere for his bravery and composed behaviour. His personality has been credited to his good genes. Toughened by serving in war-ravaged countries as a doctor, his mother, Dr Shobha, a brave woman, has been an activist...

A True Soldier, Proud Of Him: Abhinandan's Father

Even as the whole country prays and is united in support for the safe return of Abhinandan, his father thanked citizens for being with the family in this hour of need. "I am proud of him, for he is a true soldier," said the gritty father.

His Father Was Consultant For A Film Based On A Captured Pilot

Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman's father, retd. Air Marshall S Varthaman, was a consultant for the film Kaatru Veliyidai. The 2017 Mani Ratnam film starring Karthi and Aditi Rao Hydari was about an IAF pilot being captured by...

5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Abhinandan

Abhinandan Varthaman has become the symbol of new India after his grit, bravery and courage even as he was captured and interrogated. Here are five fast facts you need to know:

Pakistani Eyewitness Account Of Pilot Abhinandan's Dramatic Capture

Know about the dramatic events leading to the capture of IAF pilot Abhinandan. Mohammad Razzaq Chaudhry, the chief of Horran village in Pakistan, told the BBC that he ran to the spot along with other villagers when he saw the MiG 21 crashing to th...

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