A Tour Of Our School

A nicely painted wall with many cartoons and animals in it.

A play house in premise of the school.

We have an first aid room in our school in case if any student is not feeling well.

A rack of books. Students have a big choice of books which they can read.

Classroom with wall painting and chair, tables.

Display board and a rack. All the toys are placed properly in the rack and the display board has illustrations of animals and fruits.

We also have a television in school where we sometimes show animated rhymes.

A puppet show corner in school. We organize puppet shows in school for students.

Contact us- 8956788502 pune.balewadi@shantijuniors.com

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A Tour Of Our School

Shanti Juniors - Balewadi, Shanti Juniors - BalewadiShanti Juniors - Balewadi
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