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A Look At Some Popular Fictional Mothers


There is something about fictional mothers. Everyone knows that they are not real but they leave an everlasting impression on those who have read or watched them.

Mothers not only seem to know everything about us, they also comfort and love us unconditionally. The essayist Washington Irving described mothers as the ‘truest friend we have’.

In the world of literature, mothers play a central role in many powerful stories. Throughout the course of the story, the mother is one figure who is steadfast and unwavering in her dedication to her family and in her duties.

Take the case of Molly Weasley in the popular Harry Potter series for example. Not only is she a loving mother to all her children but is not afraid to risk her life to save that of her children.

In a similar manner, the character of Kunti in the Mahabharata is the ultimate symbol of devotion and sacrifice for her children.

Read about popular fictional mothers by going through this ClipBook.


Mrs Bennet In Pride And Prejudice

Jane Austen's Mrs Bennet may appear as a scheming woman who wants to marry off all her daughters to rich men but she is not bad at heart. However, in this aspect, she often comes across as overzealous and, in the end, manages to scare off many pot...

Caroline Ingalls In Little House On The Prairie

Caroline Ingalls is often argued to be the best TV mother ever. And with good reason too. Even with the most limited of resources, she goes along her duties such as cooking delicious meals in a quiet manner.

Mrs March In Little Women

Mrs March from the popular novel Little Women is a symbol of maternal love. She has tons of patience, which is evident in her handling of the different issues faced by her four children. At the same time, she is an ideal housekeeper and a highly-p...

Marilla Cuthbert In Anne Of Green Gables

Little did she know what to expect when Marilla Cuthbert adopted a boy to help on their farm. However, the arrival of red-headed Anne Shirely changes all that. Marilla does not like Anne’s continuous chatter but develops a liking to her slowly.

Molly Weasley In Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the most-loved fictional characters of all time. His mother, Molly Weasley is equally loved too. To begin, she is not just the mother to her seven children but credited with giving the first taste of a true mother's love to ...

Kunti In Mahabharata

Kunti, mother to the five Pandavas, is a symbol of endurance and sacrifice. After losing her husband, she devotes her entire life to bringing up her sons in the best possible way.

Marge Simpson In The Simpsons

Without Marge, 'The Simpsons' is nothing. Marge Simpson’s defining feature may be her hair but it is not her only good trait. She is a wonderful mother and a loving wife. Always there to support her family, Marge is like your everyday average hous...

Mrs. Ramsay In To The Lighthouse

Mrs Ramsay is a beautiful, charitable and loving mother. She is at the heart of the novel and the bind that glues the family together. She teacher her children respect and morality.

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