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A Health And Safety Guide For Your Baby

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The birth of a baby brings with it a new set of responsibilities and duties. It is important that parents educate themselves about the health and safety of their little ones.

Right from newborn care to organising and baby-proofing his surroundings, parents needs to be extra cautious when it comes to their newborn child.

Do you know that breastfeeding mothers are asked to avoid or limit certain kind of food? If you are nursing your child, make sure that you check out the list of 10 things to avoid while breastfeeding.

Once your child is ready for solids, parents must ensure that the child is getting enough nutrients needed for his growth and development.

For parents of toddlers, injury at playtime is another worrisome aspect. Find out the playground safety rules to minimise such mishaps.

This ClipBook contains a list of curated topics related to health and safety for newborn to toddlers. Flip through the pages to know in detail about various health and safety guidelines. 


Organising Your Home For A Newborn

Getting your home baby-ready is an important step towards becoming a parent. Here are some valuable tips on making preparations around the house in time for your baby’s arrival.

How To Baby-Proof Your Home

Do you know that your curious baby could get seriously hurt inside your home? Most probably, you are not aware of the lurking dangers within the four walls of your home. Get down to your crawling baby's level, it's easier to find the danger spots....

What And How To Feed Your Baby

Are you looking for information related to feeding your child? If so, this article talks about food and nutrition for one to three-years-olds. Find out what your toddler should be eating, and how much.

Vaccination Is Important

Confused whether to vaccinate your child or not? Vaccination shots may hurt a little, but the diseases they can prevent are a lot worse. Some, even life-threatening. Find out more.

Help Toddlers Transition From Two Naps To One

As your little one grows, his sleep patterns will undergo a change. Learn how to help your child as he transitions from two naps to one. Timely nap is vital for small children, as it ensures rest and aids development and growth.

Playground Safety Rules For Kids

The most pleasant memories of childhood are associated with play and the playground. However, while most parents are happy to see their child enjoy her time in the playground, they also feel worried about her safety. Here are a few tips on how to ...

How To Prepare Your Child For The Arrival Of A New Sibling

Expecting another child and worried about how your first child would react to this change? Your firstborn may show some negative reaction to the newest member of the family. Learn to take these all in your stride. Read on, to be prepared and know...

Things Breastfeeding Mothers Should Avoid

It is important to note that the first six months to a year are vital for both you and your baby’s health. During this period, you must focus on eating wholesome nutritious meals and maintain regular mealtimes to ensure your baby’s proper growth a...

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