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A Career In Theatre


“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” – Oscar Wilde

Inculcating interactive skills and leadership qualities in children is every parent’s dream. But finding the right way in a time like today is crucial. In a competitive world relying heavily on behavioral skills, finding the right path for your child to grow his interpersonal skills is critical to his personality and overall growth. Earlier, when technological intervention was lesser, people communicated more in person and their skills grew eventually. But, in today’s time when everyone is busy with cell-phones and other gadgets, there is an increasing need to help children build confidence, voice their opinion and have a self-esteem that’s free of other’s judgements.

As children grow up, people’s opinion masks their real personality and stops them from expressing their real views. In such a situation, theatre helps them stay close to reality and be unaffected of other’s opinion of them. As a career, theatre is an interesting and one of the most creative options in performing arts. Theatre, with its age-old heritage, has been entertaining the world since time immemorial and is one of the most entertaining forms of expression and performance.

According to article titled All The World’s A Stage…, published in ParentCircle.com, “Theatre is a great skill-building exercise for children. It is no wonder that theatre workshops and camps are gaining popularity in cosmopolitan cities. John Pradeep says, “There are various aspects of development that we can address through theatre classes – from cognitive skills for toddlers and young children to socio-emotional skills for teens. We use auxiliary activities that aid in developing the unique set of skills required in theatre.”

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