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A Career In Robotics


Robotics is deemed to be the future of the world and is fast emerging as a popular field to make a career in. Right from high-end shopping malls to agricultural farms, the demand for robots is increasing everywhere. 

Kate Summers in her article, '5 Reasons To Pursue a Career in Robotics', published in teachercast.net, throws more light on the set of skills required and the various opportunities available in this field. She states, "A good robotics engineer will have strong mathematical, logical, scientific, creative and computer skills. And this skillset will open many doors to different roles across strong technology-driven industries. Think: Aerospace, Automobile industry, Entertainment, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Military and Medicine – to name a few."

Does your child show an inclination for robotics? How can you understand if your child has an aptitude for this exciting field? 

Our ClipBook brings you a collection of articles to help you get all the information you need – from understanding if your child has an aptitude for robotics to guiding him to make a career in the field. Reading these articles will definitely arouse your interest in robotics and help you understand the field better.


Career Options In Robotics

Did building blocks transform into a stunning robot in the hands of your child when he was a tiny tot? Did construction kits and automatic toys fascinate him? Robotics may be the career path for him.

Reasons To Pursue A Career In Robotics

Given the fact that technology is constantly evolving and advancing, a career in robotics is considered to be one of the most demanding yet rewarding career choices available. Jobs in this field are varied, spanning many different industries.

What Is A Career In Robotics Technology Like?

A career in robotics technology offers a wide variety of options. For those enjoy math, science and utilizing their creativity to bring an idea to life, it can be a fun and rewarding job field. Fortunately, there are a number of pathways and educa...

Pursuing A Promising Career In Robotics Engineering

We often come across the terms robots and robotics in our daily lives. So, what are robots and what do they do? How do they impact our very existence? Well, there are ample ways by which robots continue to impact our lives.

Robotics Career Options, Job Duties And Employment Outlook

Learn about the education and preparation needed to start a career in robotics. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about schooling, job duties and responsibilities to find out if this is the career for you.

What Robotics Can Teach Children

Robots are an engaging, hands-on way of teaching children important concepts like math and science. While the robots used in classrooms don't shoot lasers out of their eyes, they are quickly becoming a popular way to catch and keep a classroom's a...

Popular Robotics Courses In India

Robotics has been increasing in popularity as a career choice, especially among engineering students who want to specialise in the field. If you are also interested in pursuing a course in robotics but do not have detailed knowledge of the availab...

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