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A Career In Publishing

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Imagine a career where one makes money out of doing what one loves the most..Sounds blissful, right? As the famous saying goes, ‘pick a career you love, and you do not have to work a day’. But this can be a completely opposite scenario too. If it is not a job one likes, then no amount of money can replace happiness. It is here that choosing a right career become vital.

While considering careers for your teen, analyse his likes and dislikes, in addition to weighing his talents and skills. For instance, if your boy loves reading, how about a career for him where he’ll be surrounded by books? In the rapidly growing publishing industry, the opportunities for a job and scopes for a career are expanding. 

In an article in The Hindu, Gautam Padmanabhan, Publisher, Westland Books, says that the industry is open to recruiting young blood. “It’s an exciting time for the industry. What has benefited the industry recently is the growth of Indian authorship. There are an increasing number of writers that are appealing to the Indian psyche.”

Are you wondering what skills your teen would require for this? The same article says, “One needs to be well-informed and present views and ideas in an innovative manner; and look for the positives and negatives of a given idea and analyse its different aspects.”

This ClipBook contains articles that gives you a comprehensive idea of everything that a publishing career entails. Go through it, and maybe, you can kick start your teen’s future.


Publishing Pays

Imagine a space where you’re surrounded by books all day. If you have good communications skills, the publishing industry is just the right place for you.

What Does Book Publishing Entail?

Book publishers are responsible for overseeing the selection, production, marketing and distribution processes involved with new works of writing.

Careers In The Publishing Industry

The Publishing Industry is one of the oldest and most widespread industries in the world. Traditionally, it included all forms of print media, such as newspapers, magazines, books, journals, directories etc.

The Publisher's Role And Its Challenges

A publisher is a bridge between author and reader that helps make content readable. This function has grown all the more important in the Web era, where readers can be lost in a sea of content without the publisher's guiding hand.

Future Of Publishing

There has been a great deal of handwringing in the book publishing world for the last decade or so over what the Internet is going to do to traditional publishing.

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