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A Career In Film Criticism

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Love Cinema? Try Film Criticism As A Career `

Do you always have something to comment about a film that you’ve just watched? Then film criticism may be the career option for you. The film and entertainment industry in India is an evergreen sector. With hundreds of films hitting the box office...

What Education Do You Need To Be A Film Critic?

Various college studies can help boost your career as a film critic, but there are no exact standards required for the job. Film critics write reviews for online publications, websites, newspapers and magazines. Good speaking skills along with wri...

So You Want To Be A Film Critic?

Watching movies for free and getting paid for it - how cool is that? However, The Age's film critic Jim Schembri wants it known across the land that with pleasure comes pain. Read on...

Tips For Film Criticism

Most of us are already critics, but it is a big jump from just telling your friends what you think about a certain movie to making money telling the world what you think.

What Every Film Critic Must Know

There's a common fallacy that anyone can review a film. But how can you do it if you don't have the proper tools to 'read' a film?

14 Top Tips To Become A Professional Film Critic

Critics play a vital role in the film industry. The film directors and producers get to learn the flaws in their movies and they need to make improvements in their work from the reviews and opinions of film critics. Be it Bollywood, Hollywood or T...

Everything You Need To Know To Be A Film Critic

Be ready to adapt and innovate, in order to reach out to the audience,’’ advised veteran film critic, Rajeev Masand, during a seminar at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education...

How To Become A Film Critic: An Interview With Rob Ager

Read this interview with Rob Ager, an experienced film critic, who offers useful tips to aspiring film critics...

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