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A Brief Introduction To Homeschooling

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History Of Homeschooling

Homeschooling as an urban movement started about three decades ago in the US. Some people who were religious did not like the fact that their children did not get a good religious education.

A Journey Called Home

I think for a long time, before D was born, I was under a misconception that staying all day at home could never ever be simulating, would be boring and it is for lazy people. But D has shown me otherwise in more ways than one.

The Philosophy Of Unschooling

Let me begin by saying that just as schools are planned events, people who opt for unschooling or home-schooling should not end up planning those either!<br>The entire thrust of modern day parenting is to plan everything in advance for the child, ...

The Day My Baby Taught Me How To Parent Him

When my eldest son was born, I was unskilled at mothering. I had been until then, under the misconception that once I give birth, I would instinctively know how to care for my baby. It could not be any other way, the rest of the animal kingdom do ...

How Do I Explain Unschooling To Skeptics?

People often ask me what is unschooling and why don’t I send my children to school. There was this old me again which would go on a rampage of blaming the school system. But hey now I can just smilingly say, “oh we just love to be in each other’s ...

Zero Is Beautiful: Teaching Mathematics As If People Mattered

Can you imagine the time before the discovery of zero? My husband and I got a glimpse of this when we witnessed the discovery of zero, not on the world-historical scale, but by our two-year-old daughter.

Learning Without Schooling

This article was compiled after much deliberation on the Swashikshan online e-group, following individual responses to a questionnaire prepared by the author. It reflects the diverse, unique and vibrant flavours of the Indian Homeschooling Communi...

The Power Of Open Schooling

Normal schooling would not have allowed me to pursue this self-directed experiment in education. And it is for this reason that NIOS plays a very important role in education and society. It gives us children leverage over our lives.

Socialization For Children Growing Up Without School

Often I and many other parents who do not send their children to school face this question repeatedly… “What about socialisation?” Depending on who is asking the question and what the real intentions of the person asking the question is, I frame m...

Boards And Homeschoolers

“Okay, so you are homeschooling your child……but what about his future? Will he go back to school sometime? Will he take exams like other children and pursue further studies? Do colleges and universities here recognise homeschoolers? Will he get to...

Homeschooling Children With Special Needs

In the last year, we have had numerous queries from parents of children with special needs about homeschooling. Many are fed up and frustrated with the existing set up of a mainstream school, where they have to constantly fight to fit in and be in...

Save Open Schooling

There are a variety of reasons that children may not attend or may not thrive in a legally recognized, Board-affiliated school and for these children, Open Schooling offers a meaningful path of education and vocational training and certification.

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