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9 Rules To Ensure Your Child Stays Safe At School


On Friday, a class II student of Ryan International School, Gurgaon, was found dead in the school’s washroom. He had been brutally murdered by the school’s bus conductor.

Reading about this incident has sent shivers down the spine of almost every parent. Many are even wondering if their child’s school is a safe place at all.

The law of the land will punish the accused, but can it prevent your child from being abused? 

Of course not. Ensuring your child's safety is your responsibility and duty.

We list some safety tips that you can follow to ensure that your child remains safe in school. Take some time out to read them patiently.


Rule 1 – Learn More About Support Staff

Before admitting our children in school, we carefully inspect the infrastructure and seek information about teachers handle children. However, we never bother to inquire about support staff like ayahs, cleaning staff, gardeners, security guards an...

Rule 2 – Enquire About Safety And Security

Nowadays, most schools deploy security guards not only at the gates, but also at spots that may be deemed as security risk to students. While this is a good practice, enquire with the school to know how much access individuals like unsupervised vo...

Rule 3 – Know About Transport Safety Measures

Most parents feel that traveling by transport provided by the school is safe. Therefore, doubts don’t arise in their minds. However, there are many factors that play a critical role in ensuring the safety of your child. For example, is the transpo...

Rule 4 – Stay Away From Strangers

Some schools invite volunteers or engage temporary workers in various capacities for short-term basis. Advise your child not only against taking anything from them but also not to mingle or go out with strangers.

Rule 5 – Ask Open-Ended Questions

Make it a point to connect with your child and ask him open-ended questions once he returns from school. Open-ended questions are those questions that your child can answer with just a Yes or No. Ask questions that will help you understand what tr...

​Rule 6 – Ask For Emergency Procedure Checklist

Every school should have facilities and equipment to handle emergencies like asthmatic attack, fire, and so on. It is also a must for all school staff to be aware of their roles and responsibilities, and the measures to take to ensure the safety a...

Rule 7 – Don't Stick Labels On The Schoolbag

Many parents stick a label with their child’s name and contact details on the outside of their schoolbag. Desist from following this practice as this information can also be read by strangers. After knowing the details, they may use it to strike a...

Rule 8 – Participate Regularly In Pt Meets

Many parents tend to skip parent–teacher meets when feel that their child is not having any problems. This should not be the case. PT meets are not just about discussing academic performance, but are also opportunities to meet and get to know your...

Rule 9 – Monitor Your Child’S Behaviour

Most children are usually curious, cheerful and easy-going, apart from throwing the occasional tantrums. They like to socialise, engage with those around them, and take an active interest in studies and going to school. Keenly observe your child’s...

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