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9 Fascinating Indian Folk Tales All Children Should Know

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A folktale is a story that teaches the community various values and is passed down from one generation to the other through oral tradition. Many cultures across the world have their own folktales, specific to the country's history and culture. 

In this ClipBook we take you through some of the most popular folktales from India. Through these simple yet effective stories, you can teach your child how to behave in different situations.

Remember, these are not just any stories, but stories that have been a part of our culture for a long time. Share this ClipBook with your child and go through the stories together.


Why Is Storytelling Important To Children?

Storytelling is really important for kids, especially because we learn so much from stories. And the stories we hear in childhood are the ones that tend to impact us the most. So as you flip through this this ClipBook, you will find the list of so...

Baital Pachisi

This is a collection of 25 stories with an overarching plot. The stories revolve around a king called Bikram and a supernatural creature that has properties similar to a vampire. These stories explore meaningful philosophical and ethical conundru...

Akbar Birbal

Akbar and Birbal are some of the most popular fictional characters in Indian folk tales. Their tales are full of humour and wit. Here is a collection of some of their many tales.

5 Panchatantra Stories Every Child Must Read

Panchatantra tales are some of the most popular folk Tales from India. They are said to have originated from approximately 3rd century BC. And they have been commonly attributed to a scholar called Vishnu Sharma. The feature a lot of characters in...

The Loyal Mongoose

This is a story about not judging a book by its cover and not acting in a rash manner, especially when the stakes are really high. The story revolves around a farmer and his wife. An impulsive action of the wife in this story, despite having the b...

Sulasa And Sattuka

This is a story about a greedy husband who tries to kill his wife in order to steal her gold. However, the wife is not a damsel in distress and knows how to save her own self. This story shows the importance of standing up for yourself, especially...

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