9 Discipline Mistakes All Moms Make

Yelling And Screaming

Yelling is quite often a sign of frustration or mental exhaustion. I remember being told once that if you’re yelling, you've lost control of the situation. Keeping clam, even when you’re frustrated or scared, is important to effective parenting.


Bribing a child into obeying is a big mistake because it encourages selfishness. You should teach your child to obey because it’s the right thing to do and not for the purposes of getting a reward.

We're All Talk And No Action

If you want your kid to, say, get off the couch and do homework, start with respectful directives ("Please turn off the TV now and do your work"). If she follows through, thank her. If not, give a consequence: "I'm turning off the TV now. Until yo...

Disciplining For Normal Kid Behavior

"He makes silly noises, weird voices, the sound effects are amazing and when he's not being irritating, he's a bear," Kelly R. says about her 9-year-old son. Like Kelly, I wonder sometimes what's normal behaviour for my kids.

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9 Discipline Mistakes All Moms Make

When it comes to dealing with bad behaviour, everyone screws up. We'll help you do it right.