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8 Tips To Inculcate The Reading Habit


“So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, And in its place you can install, A lovely bookshelf on the wall.” — Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Reading is not just an extremely important and productive skill but also an essential one that will serve as a useful tool for your children. Books teach a lot of things to children. Reading enables children to expand their vocabulary and the command of the language that results gives a boost to their confidence and creativity., in one of its articles “14 Ways to Cultivate a Lifetime Reading Habit” says ‘reading is highly enjoyable with a good book teaching you about things beyond your daily horizons.’ Tips to cultivate a lifetime reading habit include setting of times every day to read, making sure you always carry a book to read anywhere and making a list of all the great books you would want to read such as War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and others.

Indiaparenting states picking a book suited to your child’s age as one great way to inculcate the reading habit. Select a book suitable to your child’s age that guarantees and interesting read and you and your child are all ready to get started.

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Inculcate Reading Habits In Children

Books teach a lot to the kids. They expand their vocabularies, helping them later in life. The command of the language increases many fold. It gives a boost to the child’s imagination, letting the mind reach the unthinkable and increasing the crea...

Tips To Get Your Children To Read More

Nothing is more important to academic achievement than being an avid reader. Parents know their children best and can provide the one-on-one time and attention that will lead them towards this invaluable vocation. Here is a list of ways to help yo...

#1 Read Together

Reading aloud to children is one of the most important things you can do to ensure their future success. While only 78 percent of families read to their pre-kindergarten-aged children frequently in 1993, this increased to 86 percent in 2005, accor...

#2 Pick A Book Suited To Your Child's Age

Reading has of late been taken so much for granted that one does not realise its importance. Make it a point to buy a good book for your child. It is hard to find time to sit down and read. While selecting a book to get your child started, be sure...

#3 Make Reading A Part Of Their Routine

Reading to your children from a young age is incredibly important and sets them up for success later in life both academically and emotionally. It can sometimes be hard, however, to consistently make time for daily reading. Here are four ways to m...

#4 Get The Help Of The Internet

Reading is an important skill that is taught to kids at a very young age. Though the most popular way is reading a book to the child, the internet also offers several opportunities to teach your young ones to read.

#5 Let Children Pick The Books They Love

Children should be allowed to read whatever they enjoy, the author Neil Gaiman has said as he warned that well-meaning adults could destroy a child's love of reading forever.

#6 Create Library At Home

One of the best things you can do for your child is to get him to start reading. It is a gift that remains with him throughout his life. Help your child learn to love reading by creating a simple library in your own home. Here are a few tips to he...

#7 Set A Good Example

Your child walks like you, talks like you, and absorbs everything you do. So set the right example when it comes to reading. If you want your child to be a good reader, be one yourself!

#8 Make Reading Fun

By taking a playful, pressure-free approach, you'll help your child enjoy books on his own in practically no time. Early readers are still absorbing the notion that letters are symbols that stand for sounds. A good way to reinforce the idea is to ...

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