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8 Tips For Your Child During Exams


It's that time of the year again. Exams are about to start and your child is immersed in his books, revising his notes and preparing to give his best. This exam will test all that he has learned this year and how far he has progressed.

Read this ClipBook to know what you, as parents, should make sure your child does during this critical time to ace his exams.

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1. Eat Healthy

When you’re studying for finals, good nutrition often slides way down on the priority list. It’s easy to get into the habit of glugging coffee and gobbling take-out pizza, because you don’t want to waste time on food preparation. But, actually, go...

2. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital to feeling and performing your best, which makes a good night’s rest particularly vital around exam time. The most important thing is to remember to schedule time for sleep. When you have to get up at a certain time, ...

3. Avoid Caffeine Overload

While it is widely believed that caffeine will enhance concentration levels during exam preparation for students, over-consumption of the stimulant drug can have quite the opposite desired effect. Dr Brian Morton, the Chair of the Australian Medi...

4. Take Breaks

Studying for hours on end without taking any breaks or intermissions can cause restlessness, lack of concentration, and reduced learning. Learn how your child can benefit from taking short recesses while studying, which will improve his performance.

5. Deal With Stress

Every student who aims to become a high-achiever will experience exam stress. It’s an unavoidable part of student life that can be a tough nut to crack. Remember, stress exists for a reason and you can choose to let it be your downfall or use it t...

6. Do Away With Distractions

There are many distractions available for children today.The most prevalent is the Internet. Because of the Internet, children have access to Facebook, Instant Messenger and other apps. Students today tend to multi-task while studying. Listening t...

7. De-Stress After Exams

When you walk out of the exam hall on your final day, there is probably only one thing on your mind: relaxing after an intense bout of revision and exams. This means you haven’t had any time to see people or do anything that didn’t involve books a...

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