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8 Things Children Worry About

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Childhood is full of happy moments and it is fun to be around children. So, does that make you think that children have no worries at all? Fact is, children also struggle with worries but are unable to express their concerns due to lack of adequate language skills.

Our ClipBook lists eight common worries that children wrestle with and helps you understand your child better.



It might happen gradually: Your toddler — who has spent every Friday evening with her grandparents while you and your spouse have gleefully grabbed dinner alone — may become increasingly...

Moving House

'Moves during both early and middle childhood were associated with decreases in children's social skills and increases in emotional and behavior problems, and these effects lasted for years,'...

Bad Things

Anxious children have a talent for taking a small event – (e.g. missing a homework assignment) and jumping to catastrophic conclusions (e.g. I won’t get into college)! Upon hearing about a news tragedy...

Parental Fights

Mom and Dad may shout till they're red in the face. They may stew in stony silence. Whether their unresolved conflict results in hostility or indifference to one another, it takes its toll on their children...

Monsters Under The Bed

My son believes we have a monster downstairs — but only at night when we are upstairs. Other monsters live in bushes at the back of our yard, where they feast on stray baseballs and...

Sleeping Alone

Some children are afraid to sleep alone. Despite reassuring words and checking under beds, your child can fall asleep only when...


"Rejection is one of those life lessons we wish our kids did not have to learn, and it seems as if they are experiencing social rejection at younger and younger ages. An important part of teaching..."


Thanatophobia, fear of death, strikes children and adults, but there is help. A mild form is normal for kids, but it can be challenging to address...

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