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8 Successful People Who Didn't Do Well Academically

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“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

This quote is a brilliant example of how all children go through the same schooling system, which defines success a certain way despite their being so many ways a child can be smart and successful.

It’s important to let children explore their interests whether or not it fits into the traditional academic learning. 

In this ClipBook we have collected the names and stories of people who were successful in their fields despite not having done well in academics.


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Biswa Kalyan Rath

You might the comedian from the hilarious ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ or his heart-breaking series ‘Laakhon Mein Ek’. But did you know that he struggled a lot in college? It’s true, his struggle was to the point where he almost failed multiple sub...

Benedict Cumberbatch

This British actor is a favourite of many, often playing the roles of extraordinarily genius men. However, he himself is not the kind of genius he acts to be and is very comfortable admitting it as he has struggled academically.

Akshay Kumar

The actor who has been very successful in Bollywood admits that he struggled in school and has even failed once. He talks about the importance of parents listening to their child, which is what his parents did for him and allowed him to pursue his...

Vir Das

This comedian takes the time to be serious and tell students: ‘you are more than your mark-sheet’. While he has been able to make a name for himself not only in India, but also abroad, he explains he too struggled academically.

Arunachalam Muruganantham

You know him as the ‘Padman’. With a movie to his name and his invention of low-cost sanitary napkins he is no less than a hero to many out there.

Kailash Katkar

A boy who dropped out of school went on to found one of the most successful IT firms in India. He’s one the most amazing example of why school isn’t everything.

Pc Mustafa

The sixth grade fail shows the importance of working hard. More than that, he illustrates how important it is to listen to the consumer demand in order to run a successful business.

Nitin Godse

From a young age he has been interested in running a business. While other children worried about homework and grades, Nitin Godse learned the art of the trade from his small business ventures.

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