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8 Problems New Mothers Face While Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is a huge part of motherhood. However, it is not without its share of problems. While some new mothers face no discomfort, many do face several issues while breastfeeding. These can range from simple to complex medical issues. Keep in mind that most problems new mothers face during nursing, come from inexperience.

However, some problems nursing mothers face will require medical intervention — this can plugged milk duct, breast engorgement and infection as well as insufficient milk supply. In most cases, incorrect techniques of feeding and latching, and also, infrequent feeds, are the reasons behind these issues. Some of these issues can be prevented if mothers nurse their newborns as frequently as possible, in the first few months after birth.

But, if these problems are not treated on time, it could lead to early weaning, insufficient weight gain for the newborn, and so on. Naturally, new mothers can find these problems quite stressful. Which is why lactating mothers need emotional support from partners and their family, to tide through the problems associated with breastfeeding.

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1. Plugged Milk Ducts

Many nursing mothers produce more milk than their tiny ones can drink. The extra milk may back up the duct and cause bumps on the breast. These bumps can become extremely sensitive and tender to the touch. The tissue around the milk duct may even ...

2. Baby Biting During Breastfeeding

As the baby grows, she might bite the breast while nursing. This is especially common in the teething stage and can be painful for the nursing mother. It can even lead to some serious injury. However, baby biting during feeding should not stop you...

3. Underdeveloped Breasts

Some women have insufficient milk-producing cells inside their breast tissue. Known as Tubular Breasts Syndrome medically, mothers with the condition will have underdeveloped breasts. Such women will either have no milk at all or very low milk sup...

4. Milk Blisters

Did you notice white spots on your breast during nursing? And do you feel pain in your breast while nursing? These white spots on the nipple can be nipple blebs or milk blisters. Read on to know more about this problem, and ways to treat it.

5. Tongue-Tie In Babies

Some babies are unable to latch onto the breast to feed. This leaves them unable to drink milk. This can be due to a problem which is known as tongue-tie in babies. Read on to know how this can be resolved and how you can nurse a baby with a tongu...

6. Choking On Breast Milk

Sometimes, when the new mother produces too much milk, the baby is unable to drink it all. Apart from being uncomfortable for the mother, it can pose a real danger for baby too. In rare cases, babies can even choke on the excess milk produced. Rea...

7. Sore Nipples

Have you stopped breastfeeding your child as it hurts too much? A painful condition like sore or cracked nipples can come in the way of nursing. Many new mothers develop painful cracked nipples during breastfeeding. Read on to know how to deal wit...

8. Mastitis Or Breast Inflammation

Inflammation of the breast tissue could lead to an infection, known as mastitis. Symptoms include breast pain, swelling, warmth, redness, and also fever and chills. Some mothers with the condition may stop nursing, though experts say it is safe to...

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