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8 Places In India To Witness Ganesha Celebrations With Your Kids

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Do you know that Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the most popular festivals of India? It celebrates the God of wisdom and remover of obstacles, Ganesha. 

Known across the country by different names such as Ganapati, Vinayaka, Pillaiyar, Ganesha is one of the prime Hindu deities. Every year, the festival is celebrated with much pomp and splendour. It includes processions of giant idols, dance, music, drama and all things possible to make it the best festival so full of life. 

With each passing year, the festival is witnessing creativity in terms of making different themed Ganesha idols, coming up with new festive recipes and organic colours. During this time of the year, different regions of India celebrate the festival in their own unique ways.

This ClipBook looks at several cities that you can take your child to witness various styles of celebrations.



In Chennai, the festival is named 'Vinayak Chaturthi'. The idols are set up in different parts of the city and have different themes. Alwarthirunagar is based on the fishing community, with Ganesh being portrayed as a fisherman. Bamboo and the pan...


Pune, which is Maharastra's cultural capital, has the most colourful events and processions to celebrate the occasion. It is popular for making eco-friendly and bio-degradable Ganesh idols with concerns to polluted Pune rivers. Pune celebrates a m...


Every year, Mumbai’s celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi hits national headlines across the country. Ganesh Puja is the biggest festival of Maharashtra, and the grandest celebration in Mumbai. It wins the crowning glory of being the largest hub of Gan...

Delhi Ncr

Delhi ka Raja, as they refer to Ganesha in the city, is celebrated all over the capital city as a joyous and colourful occasion. Plus, dhandiya Utsav is one of the most attractive dance events in the occasion.


Famous for its 60 feet tall Ganesh idol known as “Khairatabad Ganesh”, the city of pearls is famed for the Ganesha festival. The 5600 kg laddu placed on the left hand of the deity is simply amazing.


Goa is a party town! However, do you know that they celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi with great fervour? Chovoth, as it is known in Goa, is celebrated for a minimum of two days and can go up to 21 days. The clay idols come in various sizes and are very...


The Bangalore Ganesha Utsav is currently in their 48th year of the longest running pandals for Ganesha. Famous personalities from theater, music and film industry perform on the roads to celebrate Lord Ganesha.


The 400-year old Swayambhoo Ganesh temple which is located at the shores of a pristine sandy beach has a colourful celebration of all time. One of the interesting facts about this place is the temple is referred to as “Swayambhoo” because the temp...

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